2022 State Legislative Goals

Adopted by the ICCTA Board of Representatives on November 13, 2021

Local control of community colleges
Illinois community college boards are locally elected or appointed to make decisions affecting their local districts and are directly responsive to the electorate. A 2007 Judicial Circuit Court decision reaffirmed the concept that community colleges are units of local government. ICCTA will protect local control of community colleges and oppose any legislation that infringes on this autonomy.

Community college baccalaureate degrees

Allowing community colleges to offer baccalaureate degrees in limited fields of study enables development of more talent for the Illinois workforce, especially in technical fields that are changing and growing in geographically remote areas where employers struggle to hire employees with the needed qualifications. These degrees also provide an opportunity for employed adults to advance in their careers, addressing the interests and needs of adult learners who are unlikely to pursue a transfer pathway that requires relocating from their current home and employment. Presently, 24 states allow community colleges to award baccalaureate degrees.

Equitable funding for community college operations
Illinois community colleges operate high-quality institutions in a lean and fiscally responsible manner. ICCTA strongly advocates for funding to expand job-training programs in high-demand fields. Illinois community colleges will continue to provide critical educational services, including to the nation’s veterans, and to improve student outcomes at a low cost.

Equity in higher education
Community college trustees promote policies that support access, affordability, equity, and completion for all students. In tandem with efforts taking place on individual campuses to promote equitable participation and foster a welcoming learning environment, ICCTA supports initiatives to eliminate barriers to higher education and close the educational and economic gaps of underrepresented populations.

Equity in MAP funding
The Governor has indicated strong support for the Monetary Award Program, which was reflected in an additional $50 million in funding in Fiscal Year 2020. MAP resources are essential for community college students, who are often “late deciders” who delay enrollment; the first in their family to attend college; and come from families with distressed financial conditions. We believe that a portion of new money allocated to MAP should be earmarked for community college students.

Funding for capital construction projects
Community colleges have capital and deferred maintenance needs that approach more than $1 billion statewide. ICCTA will pursue the efficient and timely release of community college capital funding that has been approved by the Illinois General Assembly.

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