CALL TO ACTION: House Bill 2867

Support 15% MAP set aside for community college students

Illinois community college students receive only 11% of the state’s Monetary Award Program grants. Designating MAP funds specifically for community college students will dramatically improve access and equity in Illinois higher education:

  • Illinois community colleges serve the majority of MAP-eligible students. In 2020, community colleges served more MAP-eligible students than all other institutional types combined (151,256 vs. 141,143 applicants).
  • Illinois community college students are the majority of MAP-eligible applicants placed in suspense. More than 40% of MAP-eligible community college students are placed in suspense each year. This is more than 70% of all Illinois higher education students in suspense.
  • Illinois community college students are the majority of MAP-eligible applicants placed in suspense. Based on fall 2018 Illinois Board of Higher Education data, community colleges enroll more Black and Latinx undergraduate students than all other higher education sectors combined. As a result, community colleges serve an estimated 75% of the underrepresented students in MAP suspense.
Contact your State Representatives today and ask for their support of House Bill 2867. (You can find your legislators’ email addresses and phone numbers here.) We believe Illinois should be investing in students who stay and work in Illinois!
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Interested in becoming more active in ICCTA? Contact one of our officers or executive staff: 
  • Jim Reed, ICCTA executive director
  • Mandy Little, treasurer (John A. Logan College)
  • Bob Thompson, past president (Sauk Valley Community College)
  • Jon Looney, president (Black Hawk College)
  • Dr. Maureen Dunne, secretary (College of DuPage)

ICCTA officers

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 #CCLiftUp for equity and diversity

The tragic circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis makes clear yet again that systemic discrimination and unjust racial disparities continue to plague our country. 

Those of us who work tirelessly for good through our community colleges and what they represent must stand united with those afflicted against the base instincts of others among us that seek to divide, denigrate and subjugate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other differences.

The best way to give hope to those who have been victimized is to share what you are doing at your college and in your community to uplift people of color and those who are under-represented. We welcome you to submit your #CCLiftUp stories to ICCTA at [email protected], and we will share them with our ICCTA community.

Read ICCTA's #CCLiftUp statement