ICCTA's new logo

logo scholarshipA graphic design created by Oakton Community College student Angela Kuqo (center in photo) is the new logo for the Illinois Community College Trustees Association.

Kuqo's artwork was chosen as part of a statewide competition that drew 64 student entries from 11 Illinois community colleges across the state. The new logo replaces the 'blue blocks' graphic designed by the College of DuPage that has been in use since 1989.

"With this project I set out to create a logo that reflected the ICCTA's values and standards," said Kuqo. "Therefore I wanted the final logo to have a sense of stability and sensibility. I chose the serif font which featured thick and bold lines. The bar between the acronym and the full name of the organization gives the ICCTA letters a steady ground to rest on, and the colors of blue and yellow represent the integrity and trustworthiness of the long-running organization."

ICCTA president Bob Thompson said, "We are thrilled to debut our new logo as part of our celebration of ICCTA's 50th anniversary year. This new look builds on our efforts to make Illinois a better place to learn and live and to make our community colleges the premier starting point for students striving to better their lives through education and career development."

In recognition of her achievement, Kuqo received a $250 scholarship from Illinois Lt. Gov. Julianna Stratton (left in photo) and ICCTA president Bob Thompson during ICCTA's November 8, 2020 luncheon in Lisle, Illinois.